AlRawi Find App: Privacy Policy

This is a project that helps users to know nearby businesses of their interest, developed by Noord Tech company.

Privacy is taken seriously in this app, and we try to increase it's importance always. First, by not collecting any data that won't be required.

The main purpose of the app can be used without any information from users, and even the rest of the features require a simple account provided by user, and kept in the database, ciphered and safe. The user has all the right to remove/contact us to remove/change any details of their account later.

Permissions requested in the app

The list of permissions required by the app:

Permission Why it is required
INTERNET Since our app depends on API connections, we require access to the internet. It's a major requirement for the purpose of the app.
LOCATION Required only when user wants to use the nearby feature. So that users can find the businesses ordered from closest to furthest.
CAMERA Camera is not used currently in the app, but it's a feature already built-in for scanning QR codes inside the app in order to get discounts from registered businesses by us. It's kept there because removing it temporarly would require major changes.
PHOTOS It's needed in case the user wants to change their profile's picture only.

If you find any vulnerability or issue that has been mistakingly caused by us, or have any question regarding how the app protectes your privacy, please send us an email, and I will surely try to fix it/help you.

Account data Retreval or Deletion

Of course, we want you to be safe when using our app, therefore we don't store any data that you don't provide.

However, it might come that you want to check or delete the data you have provided to us, or any other details related to your account, therefore, it's possible to contact us to do this

Please contact us on this email address (, and make the title (Account Data Retrieval) or (Account Data Removal), and provide only the email address that you used to register, and we will handle your request wihin 7 days.

Yours sincerely,
Noord Tech